Some men have found themselves in trouble with the law for illegal sexual behaviours or they know that they could get caught and want to control their behaviours.

Clients have sought help with the following behaviours:

  • Looking at child images on the Internet
  • Sending images of children to other adults
  • Talking sexually to children over the Internet
  • Talking to other adults about sex with children
  • Organising to meet a child who they have met on the Internet
  • Being sexual with children
  • Showing children pornography
  • Taking sexual images of children
  • Exposing themselves
  • “Peeping” (voyeurism)

These behaviours cause a huge amount of upset:

  • The man can lose his job, be forced out of the family home, have little or no contact with his children and could go to jail.
  • Partners feel hugely betrayed and wish they had known earler.
  • Victims will be impacted by what has happened.
What can you do?

  • Act now!
  • Start therapy
  • Stop the behaviours
  • Live healthily without the risk of a a criminal conviction
  • Free yourself of the guilt
  • Don’t create victims

How I can help you?

I am an accredited psychosexual therapist who has specialised in assessment & treatment of sex offenders. I see clients in 2 lights;

  • Those who want help to stop them commiting an offence.
  • Those who have been arrested by the police and feel they can now seek help.

Who do I see?

• Men  • Women  • Young people  • Families  • Parents & children • Caregivers  • Couples where one or both are impacted • Offenders  • Victims  • Survivors

Helpful links

    Uk charity aimed to stop sexual offending. Helpline and courses for offenders and their families.
    Free and anonymous self-help for people who are worried about downloading and using illegal images of children.
    Professional multi-disciplinary organisation dedicated to work with sexual abusers. Information about their activities, publications, local branches, policy, etc.
    A non-profit organisation that provides information and support on sex addiction and compulsivity to those with this problem.
    Free self-help recovery resources for sex addicts, love addicts and porn addicts, built to assist clients and their partners and/or anyone seeking to fully understand the sex, love and porn addictions to facilitate recovery.
    Online tests for problematic sexual behaviours – quick and easy to use.
    Provides cybersex addiction research and resources, conducts cybersex addiction trainings, and cybersex addiction consultations to further the understanding, assessment, and intervention for cybersex addiction.
    A source of easy to read and interesting articles relating to porn and male sexual behaviours.
    Internet Accountability tracks websites you visit on your computers, smart phones, and tablets, and sends them in an easy-to-read report to someone you trust. This makes it easy to talk about the temptations you face online.
    How to stay safe online and make the most of the opportunities that the Internet provides. Whether you are a young person, parent or carer, or working with children, there are lots of resources to help.
    Provides the UK internet Hotline for the public and IT professionals to report criminal online content in a secure and confidential way.
    Information and tools for working the 12 step program.
    Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (formerly the National Council on Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity) – organisation devoted to providing resources on cybersex addiction, sexual addiction, and other forms of out of control sexual behaviour.